Monday, December 5, 2011

weekend {review}.

we had a busy weekend.

but a fun one.

friday night we went to an event that a friend was planning at a newer development north of here. 

it was a great turn out! 

trains, santa, hot chocolate, chick fil a. 

a great combo.

saturday some dear friends walked with the hubbs and i in a local christmas parade. 

so thankful for them. despite the yucky weather, they were there. and excited to be there. genuinely.

love them.

sunday - one of those friends was running her first marathon. yay!

the weather was - for lack of a better term - miserable.


we saw them at 3.5 miles, 9 miles and 15 miles. we were bummed we couldn't be at the finish but are so proud of her and brooke. 

way to go jules!

can you tell how wet... and cold... it was? yup. it took all afternoon to thaw out. 

and no lie - i saw an old man with tiny shorts, no shirt and BARE feet. no - not those bare feet "sock" shoes... actually BARE feet.

it was in the upper 30's/ lower 40's by the time we were at the 15 mile mark. and raining. not just sprinkling... but RAINing. 

he's crazy. i bet he's feeling sick today. don't you?

today i'm warming up with several cups of coffee.

and cinnamon rolls {despite my weight gain in the past three months}.

are you enjoying this monday? 

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