Tuesday, December 20, 2011

thirty before thirty update. part one.

for the 2010 new year, i did my resolutions a bit differently.

i had seen this idea before so many places, i can't remember exactly which one sparked my interest so greatly, but nevertheless, i made my list.

well. i think about this list often.

and i don't think about it often.

it's funny. i have some of the bigger things in my mind on a constant basis. on the lookout for an opportunity to cross things off my list in the next few months.

and then some things i've totally forgotten that i put on my list. it's not like i have it constantly out and think "what's next?" it was made with a lot of thought - and interestingly enough a LOT of things have gotten 'crossed off' without even intentionally doing it!

what brought all of this up in the first place? well. i was RUDELY reminded on sunday during our sunday school bible fellowship class that i only have a few short months left and was asked how my list was doing.

so i took a look. during sunday school. {sorry justin, but it's your fault!}

and i thought i'd give a little update.

so - here's an update on the first half:

2. date night with the Hubbs once a month. 

what was i thinking??? this is nearly impossible if you want to call a date a date. we almost always have a babysitter once a month - but it's mostly for birthday parties, political events, or something like that. not necessarily a date date.

we're good at at-home dates though. especially friday nights. dinner after the littles go to bed. renting a movie. etc. can i count that? hmm. it's my list.

i think i will.

3. read more than i watch t.v.

umm. nope. not done. by far. 

wait - unless you count US weekly? nope. i don't count that.

{see, i'm at least fair, right?}

4. ride a horse. NOT done. 

{where did this come from? i wanted to be a barrel racer growing up. before high school boy-crazy hormones and moodiness kicked in.}

5. learn to sew. done. and done.

{although i haven't done it since we moved. no 'workspace'. that's on my christmas list!}

6. take an art class. 

i totally forgot this one was on my list. but i have had my eye on these classes. i've been waiting for an extra $50 to spend on an 'art class'.... but i think i might just have found a solution!

7. memorize scripture.

okay - this one is kind of vague. and i haven't 'intentionally' memorized scriputre. but i have read certain scriptures over and over to the point of memorization. i think this one will be a long time lifelong goal that will never be 'reached' necessarily. hmm.... i'll have to remember that for my next list.

8. share my faith with a stranger.

i'd say yes, i've done this. more over the last three months than ever in my life. sharing what i think, what i believe and why. sharing my convictions with people who have no idea who i am or where i come from. it's been exhillarating. challenging. exhausting.

9. reconnect with old friends.

i was doing really well on this one last year. not so much in the recent months. but part of me thinks that relationships need to be reciprocal. why continue to pursue relationships that are conitnually rejected? i know i'm flaky too. don't get me wrong. and i seriously don't mean to be, my mind is just elsewhere. a lot. i just feel like i should call myself blessed as it is in my friendships instead of trying to get as many friends as i can. quantity vs. quality. i don't know. it's something i'm wrestling with.

one of my favorite reconnections though is this lovely lady.  we chat often. she's my favorite. 

10. have a second child. done. {well done, if i do say so myself!}

11. develop relationships with neighbors.

hmmmmm. this is difficult since we just moved. must work on this one over the next few months.

12. volunteer in our youth group.

i love our youth group. we hosted a freedom house last year. {aka disciple now for those old school baptists out there}. loved it. the hubbs and i were praying this summer about leading small groups in the youth this year - and then the campaign came up and we decided that was going to need to be where our energy was. 

but i love them. i love high school students. and i feel for them. i can't imagine the temptations and complications they are facing today. i love their hearts. they are a blessing to me. we were poured into as youth in the youth group... and we desperately want to pour out to them now. paying it forward. it made such a huge difference in our lives. as i'm sure it did in some of your lives!

13. try new recipes. done and done and done!

i've made this kind of a habit lately. {well - not if you count since the move and all that...}

guess who helped? the pioneer woman of course.

i've cooked her cookbook back and forth. fried chicken, chicken fried steak, enchiladas, pico de gallo, biscuits {yuck!}, jalapeno poppers. everything.

and pinterest helps with this. a LOT.

and next year i think i'll be trying something different. more on that soon.

14. join a book club. done.

although sometimes it's more of a girls' night out than book club. 

we started off with PW's new book. which i LOVED. easy peasy read.

then we read water for elephants. it's okay. :)

i can't remember what we're supposed to be reading now. hmm.... maybe i should get on that?

15. go on a mission trip.

well. i was really hoping to do this one. but i don't think it's going to happen. i had told the hubbs that i would count the campaign as my mission trip... but i can't. you'll see why in part two!!!!

and there you have it. the update. part one.

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