Wednesday, December 14, 2011


i am about to lose my mind.

with a DEFIANT three year old.

what happens on really bad days at your house?

i struggle to stay patient.

i struggle to stay calm.

i struggle to not call the hubbs every hour or so to update him on what HIS child is doing.

do you struggle?

today was a bad day. so i made a trip to sonic. with both kids. for MYSELF. yes.

and i don't even LOVE cherry limeade. i just felt like i needed it. you feel me?

i can't believe that christmas is coming up on us so fast.

i plan on finishing my christmas shopping tomorrow. i have to. for my sanity.

i WILL be done. i WILL. i WILL.

will you?

i've got my dinner crocking in the crock pot. and it smells great.

and every time i take a deep breath {which has been a TON today} i remember i'm ahead of the game today.

i tell you what, the crock pot is a saving grace, ain't it???

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  1. This is my tip - when Ethan is horribly defiant, messing up over and over, a spiral of bad attitude, behavior, choices, and fits. When he has me at my wits' end... I hold him tight and don't let go until he calms down. It's a forced hug. And I retune my heart by thinking about god's grace for us, all the times I have been difficult with my own bad attitude, behavior, and, yes, even fits. I look him in the eye, and I say, "let's start over. Brand new". And I release all that was building up to that point. I'm not perfect. This isn't fail proof, but it does redirect my energy to His love so that I have the grace to show my son love.