Friday, December 2, 2011


i don't think i've been so excited for a friday to be here since i worked {in an office} full time.

for reals.

it's been a rough week for me.

and i hate that - since we should be getting in the christmas spirit, right?

i had so many fun things planned this week.

some we did.

some we didn't.

but i'm glad for friday.

for the weekend. when i get to spend some time with the hubbs.

and with friends.

i'm having lunch with a dear friend today. one who always always always makes me smile. and warms my heart. and challenges me & encourages me all at the same time.
i heart friends like that.

we're supposed to be going to a christmas event tonight... but i wonder if it'll get rained out. hmmm.

and we're going to a parade tomorrow. and on sunday.

AND one of my bestest friends is running her first MARATHON on sunday!

goooooo julie!!!!!

if you were one of the readers of the old blog, you know that right before {technically, i guess it was right after} i got pregnant with charlotte, i ran a HALF marathon.

with joanna. and julie. 

it was THE best.

i want to run another one, but i can't seem to get started. that story is for another day though...

anyway - julie - she's run a few half marathons since then. white rock/rock n roll/ and one in san fransisco. {bless her!}

but sunday - is the FULL one!!!

{and it's supposed to be cold and rainy. but we don't talk about that.}

and to think that this time two years ago when we were trying to get her to run the first one with us she said, "but i don't run. i can't run. i've never run."

and here she is - about to run 26.2 miles.

she's my inspiration!

joanna and i will be there with bells on around the race on sunday! i'm so excited!

happy weekend everyone.

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  1. AW! You are so sweet!! I have the greatest friends who come out and cheer me on in that COLD RAIN!!